Food Menu

At Chill Out Bar we serve a range of foods from traditional Indonesian Dishes to many types of Western Food.
Including Appertizers,Soups,Burgers(homemade),Sandwiches,Baguettes, Pizzas(thin and crispy),Steaks,Fresh Salads,Chinese Food,Spaghetti Dishes and of course Desserts.

All our produce is fresh,locally sourced and of good quality.Offering our customers quality fresh food at a reasonable price.

Start your day with our Breakfast Menu.
For Lunch or Dinner try our homemade Curry or Tempura dishes.
We also have a nightly BBQ with fresh locally caught Fish and Seafood.
Or try our Tuna,Beef or Chicken Steaks and also many customers favourite our Skewer Kebabs.

Our Food Menu



Soups, Tempura & Pasta Dishes

Soups, Tempura & Pasta Dishes


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